Insulating hard to heat buildings with warm|shell®
Add natural warmth
to walls

You can fit Warmshell to the either the inside or outside of your property. And because Warmshell qualifies for the government’s ‘Green Deal’ loans, there’s even more reason for you to make energy-saving improvements to your home right now.

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Save Energy.
Save Money.

Warmshell protects your home from heat loss, cutting energy use and saving you money on your heating bills from. So it gives you the warmest walls possible, in a way that doesn’t hurt your pocket or the environment.

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Healthier for you,
and the environment

Because Warmshell is a ‘breathable system’ it prevents the unpleasant build up of condensation and damp, making your home not only much warmer inside, but healthier too.

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in action

Warmshell is a versatile insulation system that works with a wide range of buildings.

For retrofit to hard to heat building interiors or exteriors or new timber frame builds

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Warmshell® Insulation Systems

Warmshell is a versatile wall insulation system that can be used either to create highly energy-efficient new build properties or to transform cold, damp houses into warm, comfortable homes.

Warmshell can be used as Interior and External Wall Insulation. It is so energy efficient that it meets Building Regulations standards without the need for additional costly waste water heat recovery systems or triple glazing.

Fully accredited by the British Board of Agrément (BBA), the independent international authority that approves products for use in the construction industry, you can be sure that Warmshell insulation will meet and continue to perform to its stated specification.